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Healing of diabetic wounds with leech saliva [Project]
Desert sand as a medium for agricultural crop growth [Project]
How to provide accessible computer and internet access to individuals in lower income areas. [Project]
Embedded system to detect veichles or humans and making streetlights smarter [Project]
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Efficiency Improvement Studies [Project]
How Can We Restore the pH of the Ocean? [Project]
Which method of filtering will result in the best outcome for secondhand smoke? [Project]
Bioremediation of contaminated soil and water using anabaena cylindrical (plankton) [Project]
A Novel Deep Learning Approach to Improving Heart Disease Diagnosis [Project]
An Artificial Intelligence based novel mobile solution for early detection of valvular heart disorders [Project]
Personal Oral Health Advisor with a multimodal sensor and machine learning [Project]
Reducing Styrofoam trash AND purifying water [Project]
Enhance fishermen safety and productivity by use of GPS [Project]
Detection of Automobile Metal Surface Defects Using Laser Light Reflection [Project]
Automated Water Management and Monitoring System in Paddy Fields [Project]
Detecting impurities in gasoline and wine with sound pattern analysis [Project]
Automated and accurate early-diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease [Project]
An effective way to prevent malicious cyberbullying on social media [Project]
The effect of different materials in a filter on the purity of the water? [Project]
Using microorganisms (green algae) to bioremediate a source of waste water [Project]
Squid-Jet, a bio-inspired underwater vehicle that uses jet propulsion [Project]
Can a virtual competitor motivate students to perform better in online learning? [Project]
Test Reinforcement effect on Students� Learning. [Project]
Research roller coaster physics [Project]
Which drinks have the highest glucose level after adding the enzyme invertase? [Project]
Blood Type and Transfusion - the haemolytic transfusion reaction [Project]
The Effect of Non-ionizing Radiation from Wi-Fi on Radish Seed Growth [Project]
The use of multi-frequency acoustics to improve production in oil and gas wells [Project]
Unique Simplified Hydroponic For Swaziland Poor Subsistence Farmers [Project]
Vertical Multi-Level Farming to Increase Crop Yield [Project]
Carbon dioxide sequestration effects on geologic formations [Project]
Control of a Ferrofluid Surface by Varying Magnetic Fields [Project]
Can marinating chicken prior to grilling reduce carcinogens? [Project]
What percent of the street dogs have homes and what percent do not have homes? [Project]
Effect of blades, pitch and design on the electricity produced by a Darrieus wind turbine. [Project]
Solar water heater based on the heating system of the polar bear's [Project]
Effect of the number of solar panels on the speed of a solar maglev train. [Project]
Compare the energy efficiency of biofuels and fossil fuels. [Project]
Stroop Effect: Effects of Incorrect Shape Naming on Correct Shape Recognition [Project]
The Twin Paradox & The Grandfather Paradox [Project]
What is Dyslexia? [Project]
Effect of temperature on the freezing time of different liquids [Project]
The Gatorade Sports Drink [Project]
Which condition has a greater affect on the ripening of bananas? [Project]
Effects of sugar and caffeine on heart rate, reaction time, and concentration [Project]
Research the 2009 flu pandemic (swine flu). [Project]
Genetic Diversity of Common Bean Blight Isolates from Different Geographical Areas [Project]
Measure the calories of different foods by using a homemade calorimeter [Project]
Do plants in a natural sewage treatment system absorb phosphates and nitrates? [Project]
Tennis Court Surface Impact on Knee Injuries [Project]
Fenestration Heat Loss & Passive Solar Gain [Project]
How does the amount of sand and steel affect the strength of concrete blocks? [Project]
Are compact fluorescent lamps as energy efficient as marketed? [Project]
Separating mixtures with static electricity [Project]
Concentration of ground level ozone near a highway. [Project]
Effects of fossil and alternative fuels on the ozone layer [Project]
Research Global Warming [Project]
Impacts of Acid Rain on Crops [Project]
Which Type of Wood, Hardwood or Softwood, Will Burn Fastest? [Project]
Solar Energy: Is It worth It? [Project]
Electrical output of a solar panel in different weather conditions. [Project]
Build a basic fuel cell using salt water, batteries, and a platinum wire. [Project]
Hydrogen transportation [Project]
Direct Hydrogen Fuel Cells [Project]
Improvement of jatropha oil properties [Project]
Can a farmer reduce his input costs by growing his own fuel? [Project]
What is biodiesel? [Project]
Test which length of plank will launch a softball the farthest. [Project]
What makes a good football throw? [Project]
Why we need hydrogen cars? [Project]
Which common materials will be most effective at soundproofing? [Project]
Build your own biosphere. [Project]
Examine Yellowstone's fascinating and explosive volcanic history [Project]
Build a browser programmed with Visual Basic [Project]
How email works? [Project]
How does fabric softener affect the flammability of different fabrics? [Project]
Do plants grow faster or slower in soil without microorganisms? [Project]
The Effects of Antioxidants and Free Radicals on Seed Germination [Project]
Investigate The Venus Fly Trap - a carnivorous plant that eats insects [Project]
How to decrease pesticide use and runoff [Project]
The Effects of Potash Tailings on the Growth of Barley and Flax [Project]
Find out which kind of flower will last the longest in fertilized and non-fertilized water. [Project]
How do diatom reproduction react to variable amounts of light? [Project]
Will stem rot disease lower the pH level of plants? [Project]
Why is The Sky Blue? [Project]
The Formation, Evolution and Death of Stars [Project]
Introduction to Nebulae [Project]
Explore Space Stations and Space Shuttles. [Project]

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