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What temperature, humidity level and wind speed are the best for drying clothes? [Project]
Which food would mold first? [Project]
Which will bounce higher? A basketball with nitrogen in it or a basketball with oxygen in it? [Project]
Make a better environmentally friendlier ice melter. [Project]
Using Banana Peels in the Production of Bio-Plastics [Project]
What are the Best Materials for Parachutes? [Project]
Which roofing material is the best choice for Calgary? [Project]
Best methods for graffiti removal [Project]
Which Boat Hull Shape Can Float the Most Weight? [Project]
Will plants grow better if watered with milk because milk contains vitamins and calcium? [Project]
House Color Effect on the Temperature Inside The House [Project]
Does the amount of fertilizer given to a plant affect its growth? [Project]
Determine which fabric is the best insulator. [Project]
Find out which liquid evaporates the fastest. [Project]
Measure air pressure by using chemicals and corked bottles [Project]
How do different concentrations of salt water affect plants? [Project]
The Effect of Acid Rain on Spider plants [Project]
Determine whether the pitch of a string can be changed by changing tension or length? [Project]
How Certain Beverages Affect Tooth Decay [Project]
Which roofing material and color offers the best energy efficiency? [Project]
What materials work best in a sandbag for blocking floodwaters? [Project]
Which carpet cleaner will remove tough stains the best? [Project]
Which stain remover removes stains the best? [Project]
The Effect of Candle Wax Hardness on the Burning Time of a Candle [Project]
The Effect of Water Salinity and Temperature on Oil Spreading Rate [Project]
Investigate constellations and some of the myths behind them. [Project]
Figure out if the flex of a hockey stick makes a shot faster or more accurate. [Project]
Test whether more expensive towels can retain more water and are stronger [Project]
Investigate the endangered salmon [Project]
Determine the effect of acid rain on plant growth. [Project]
Measure the slope angle at which different rocks slid one over another (landslide). [Project]
Which diaper company is better in absorbency? [Project]
Do different kinds of bread mold at different speeds? [Project]
Which Bridge Will Support More Weight: Beam, Arch Bridge or Suspension Bridge? [Project]
Does an electric toothbrush remove more plaque than a manual toothbrush? [Project]
How do oil spills affect plant growth? [Project]
The Effect of Water Acid Levels on the Growth of Radishes [Project]
Which Liquid Germinates a Bean Seed the Best? [Project]
Temperature effects on the energy developed by a solar panel [Project]
Effects of Angle of Solar Cells Towards the Sun on Electrical Power Generated [Project]
Which treated wood can withstand better a fire? [Project]
Determine the conductivity of different liquids [Project]
Does an incandescent bulb produce more heat than a fluorescent bulb? [Project]
Stroop Effect: Effects of Incorrect Shape Naming on Correct Shape Recognition [Project]
Effect of temperature on the freezing time of different liquids [Project]
Which condition has a greater affect on the ripening of bananas? [Project]
How does the amount of sand and steel affect the strength of concrete blocks? [Project]
Which Type of Wood, Hardwood or Softwood, Will Burn Fastest? [Project]
Electrical output of a solar panel in different weather conditions. [Project]
Test which length of plank will launch a softball the farthest. [Project]
How does fabric softener affect the flammability of different fabrics? [Project]
Find out which kind of flower will last the longest in fertilized and non-fertilized water. [Project]
Are dandelions able to inhibit bacterial growth and have other health benefits? [Project]
Investigate how cell phone radio-frequency waves affect the lifespan of a cricket. [Project]
What hand cleaner will do the best job to clean our hands? [Project]
How could be hair used in absorbing oil spills? [Project]
Effects of acid rain on the life span of pond minnows. [Project]
What is biofuel? [Project]
The effects of the width, depth and cross-section shape of a beam on its strength [Project]
Will a structure with a crossbeam support more mass than the structure without it? [Project]
Which is more stronger: plexiglass or glass? [Project]
Test the effectiveness of antibacterial substances on E. coli. [Project]
Determine if boiling water and the use of chlorine will kill coliforms to safe level [Project]
Analysis of soil samples for their components, ability to hold moisture, fertility and pH [Project]
What is a prime number? [Project]
Compare the antioxidant effects of natural and synthetic food preservatives. [Project]
Explore how much local waters have been affected by pollution. [Project]
Alcohol fuel produced by fermenting and distilling compost [Project]
Evaluate a fuel mixture of Ethanol and Hydrogen Peroxide [Project]
Describe alternative energy sources and outline advantages and disadvantages of any source. [Project]
Is it possible to make snowflake-like crystals with other substances than water? [Project]
The Excess of Detergent Left on Clothes after Washing By Different Laundry Detergents [Project]
The Best Detergent for Plentiful DNA Extraction [Project]
Genetically Modified Foods Basics, Benefits, Controversies, Health and Environment [Project]
What type of nozzle have the least amount of drift (flat fan, Turbo TeeJet, air induction) [Project]
The Effectiveness of Cholesterol Lowering Home Remedies Compared to Medication [Project]
Establish a natural substance for teeth whitening [Project]
Compare natural antacids with chemical antacids. [Project]
Increase wind velocity by creating a hole in an airfoil [Project]
Investigate the Toxicity of Silver Amalgam Fillings [Project]
Bacteria survival & sterilization by bleach and iodine on aquaculture materials [Project]
Test if adding ash to paint will enhance its fire-extinguishing characteristics [Project]
Test the Effect of Grapefruit Juice on Anti-Cholesterol Drugs [Project]
Styrofoam recycling with limonene [Project]
Fireproof homes: testing for protection borax, sodium bicarbonate, white birch and pine [Project]
Measure the torque on an electric motor by the mass lifted by the motor. [Project]

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