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Medicine Projects
Covid: How Do Mask Types and Wind Instrument Covers Affect Aerosol Spread and Sound Level During Music Performance? [Project]
A mathematical model of covid lockdown effectiveness [Project]
Healing of diabetic wounds with leech saliva [Project]
Personal Oral Health Advisor with a multimodal sensor and machine learning [Project]
Noninvasive Blood Glucose Concentration Monitoring via Interferometry and Thermal Technology [Project]
Improving speaking ability after hearing loss with bone conduction and diaphragm voice-training [Project]
An Artificial Intelligence based novel mobile solution for early detection of valvular heart disorders [Project]
Smart navigation for the visually impaired [Project]
Mobile Application to Measure and Monitor Parkinson's Symptoms [Project]
An artificial hand that senses muscles in the arm [Project]
BA-ADA�based ROS-responsive nanoparticles for selective drug delivery in cancer cells [Project]
Developing a Device to Predict Autistic Meltdowns [Project]
A Novel Deep Learning Approach to Improving Heart Disease Diagnosis [Project]
How can we protect sleepwalkers at night? [Project]
A software solution for diagnosing malnutrition in children under the age of 5 years [Project]
An Innovative, Non-Electric, Life-Saving, Oxygen Concentrator [Project]
Regulation of Antioxidants in Cardiovascular disease [Project]
Can a paper towel made from discarded fruit peels kill bacteria and absorb water? [Project]

Environmental Projects
Novel Microbial Cell to Convert Plastic Wastes to Environmentally Friendly Bioplastic [Project]
Water Recycling: The Effects of Soapnut Grey Water on the Environment [Project]
Bioremediation of contaminated soil and water using anabaena cylindrical (plankton) [Project]
Wildlife Conservation Efforts by Using Neural Networks and Hypernetworks [Project]
Carbon Dioxide Remover from the Air [Project]
Clear pollution with Pollutant absorbent [Project]
No-Sacrifice Smart Driving to Conserve Energy and Preserve our Planet [Project]
Ensemble Machine Learning Algorithms for Satellite Remote Sensing of Water Quality [Project]
Which method of filtering will result in the best outcome for secondhand smoke? [Project]
How Can We Restore the pH of the Ocean? [Project]

Renewable Energy Projects
Transparent and Flexible Energy Harvesting Device using Bi-Layer Graphene [Project]
Microbial fuel cells: food waste as a sugar source [Project]
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Efficiency Improvement Studies [Project]

Psychology Projects
The effect of fast-food chains on obesity [Project]
Does virtual learning improve learning outcomes? [Project]
Computational Linguistics Using Somatic Idioms for Tracing the Velocity of Spreading Ideas [Project]
Analyzing Gender-Based Violence and Aggressive Behavior Through Social Media Data [Project]
Does Video Gaming Affect Your Memory? [Project]

Electronics Projects
Embedded system to detect veichles or humans and correspondingly making streetlights smarter [Project]
A Novel Solution to the Illegal UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) Crisis [Project]
Low-Cost Supercapacitors for Energy Storage [Project]

Computer Projects
If I remove dust and replace thermal paste in a computer, will it reduce the operating temperature of the CPU (central processing unit)? [Project]
Counting fish using artificial intelligence [Project]
Making the road safer with Computer Vision Algorithms [Project]
Building a State-of-the-Art Audio Classifier through Machine Learning [Project]
How to provide accessible computer and internet access to individuals in lower income areas. [Project]

Astronomy Projects
Detecting solar system objects using blocked starlight: the case of Planet 9 [Project]
Measuring Exoplanetary Radii Using Transit Photometry [Project]
Planet formation processes through analysis of data from single and multi-exoplanetary systems [Project]

Botany Projects
Increasing Plant Growth through Increased Atmospheric Pressure and Photonic Frequency [Project]
Desert sand as a medium for agricultural crop growth [Project]

Zoology Projects
Human Ancestry: A computer study of 3D digital skulls. [Project]
Analysis of the Correlation Between Barking and Corresponding Emotional States of Dogs [Project]

Physics Projects
Improving Particle Classification in Dark Matter Using Neural Networks [Project]

Mathematics Projects
Tetrahedral Shoelace Algorithm: Calculating Volume of Irregular Solids [Project]

Forensic Science Projects
Improving and consolidating existing authentication systems in schools [Project]

Ecology Projects
Avian Population Recovery after Habitat Restoration using Remote Sensing and Citizen Science Data [Project]

Earth Sciences Projects
Unlocking the Secret of Yearly Worldwide Tropical Cyclone Activity [Project]

Engineering Projects
Alteration of Bicycle Handlebar Grips to Decrease Impact as Measured by Penetration into Gelatin [Project]

More Projects
Smart Wound Care for the Future [Project]
Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable Menstrual Pads [Project]
Using Carbon-Coated Sea Shells for the Filtration of Lead-Contaminated Water [Project]
Reducing Styrofoam trash AND purifying water [Project]
Enhance fishermen safety and productivity by use of GPS [Project]
Detection of Automobile Metal Surface Defects Using Laser Light Reflection [Project]
Increasing Blast and Impact Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Buildings [Project]
Automated Water Management and Monitoring System in Paddy Fields [Project]
Detecting impurities in gasoline and wine with sound pattern analysis [Project]
Absorbing water pollutants with corn cobs [Project]
Improving diagnosis and treatment for Alzheimer�s with new molecular �Trojan Horse� [Project]
Automated and accurate early-diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease [Project]
A reliable way to store and transport vaccines [Project]
The effect of natural nitrogen depletion in algae on biofuel production [Project]
Mimicking fruit fly response patterns for threat evasion of airborne machines [Project]
An effective way to prevent malicious cyberbullying on social media [Project]
Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose and Production of Cellulosic Ethanol [Project]
Research and test the placebo effect. [Project]
The effect of different materials in a filter on the purity of the water? [Project]
Using microorganisms (green algae) to bioremediate a source of waste water [Project]
Squid-Jet, a bio-inspired underwater vehicle that uses jet propulsion [Project]
Managing the Impact of Infrastructure Projects on Endangered Species [Project]
Build a simple, and an advanced app for the iPad or iPhone. [Project]
Police and Ambulances Regulating Traffic Program [Project]
How does nutrients affect the cell densities of green algae? [Project]
The effect of knowing class grade average on students' performance [Project]
Can a virtual competitor motivate students to perform better in online learning? [Project]
Test Reinforcement effect on Students� Learning. [Project]
Research roller coaster physics [Project]
Comparing the effects of footwear on postural shifts and stride lengths [Project]
Improving hearing loss with tactile sound [Project]
Which drinks have the highest glucose level after adding the enzyme invertase? [Project]
Blood Type and Transfusion - the haemolytic transfusion reaction [Project]
Proton therapy for treating cancer [Project]
Nutritional values of organic strawberries vs. conventionally farmed strawberries [Project]
A water purification system that cheaply and portably purifies water for third world countries [Project]
Reduce the amount of water flushed down a water closet with the same working efficiency [Project]
The Effect of Non-ionizing Radiation from Wi-Fi on Radish Seed Growth [Project]
The use of multi-frequency acoustics to improve production in oil and gas wells [Project]
The effect of current and filtration on hydrogen production in seawater electrolysis [Project]
Best methods for graffiti removal [Project]
Unique Simplified Hydroponic For Swaziland Poor Subsistence Farmers [Project]
Vertical Multi-Level Farming to Increase Crop Yield [Project]
Purification and analysis of plasmid DNA [Project]
The effect of sleep amount on learning and academic performance [Project]
Carbon dioxide sequestration effects on geologic formations [Project]
Determination of Bisphenol A (BPA) in Consumer Products in the Ottawa Region [Project]
Does aerobic exercise improve cognitive function? [Project]
Control of a Ferrofluid Surface by Varying Magnetic Fields [Project]
Can marinating chicken prior to grilling reduce carcinogens? [Project]
Banana Peel Biomass Briquettes Fuel Efficiency [Project]
Determine which of the following vitamins A, C, D, or E is the best antioxidant. [Project]
Forensic Determination of Crime Suspects by Lip Prints and Chromatography [Project]
Figure out if the flex of a hockey stick makes a shot faster or more accurate. [Project]
Test whether more expensive towels can retain more water and are stronger [Project]
Densities of Various Solutions vs. Plastic Separation [Project]
What is light pollution. [Project]
How can we save ozone layer? [Project]
What is the effect of ozone on plant growth. [Project]
Oil Absorbency of Polypropylene Pads vs. Natural Products [Project]
Which type of environment is most affected by an oil spill? [Project]
Global Warming: What are Street Sponges? [Project]
Effect of Human Activity on Benthic Survey and Water Quality Parameters [Project]
Explore dolphin bycatch (caught in nets) [Project]
Farmed salmon effects on the environment and health. [Project]
Investigate the endangered salmon [Project]
Helping painted turtles [Project]
How the Marbled Murrelet is threatened in British Columbia [Project]
Will Global Warming affect the Piping Plover's life? [Project]
Investigate turtles and tortoises. [Project]
Why are coral reefs dying? [Project]
The Effect of Bleach on the Survival Rate of Daphnia [Project]
The Effect of Oil, Weed Killers and Salt on the Survival Rate of Daphnia [Project]
Car exhaust effect on seedlings and germination rate [Project]
How to reduce car air pollution. [Project]
How do Vehicles Affect the pH Properties of Snow [Project]
Extracting copper from ore (biolixiviation). [Project]
Bacterial Content of Water Bottles [Project]
The Effects of Acid Rain on Germination? [Project]
The Effect of Vitamin A on Radish Plants Exposed to Acid Rain? [Project]
Determine the effect of acid rain on plant growth. [Project]
Why does acid rain destroy buildings and pavements? [Project]
Effect of Acid Rain on the Biomass of Radishes [Project]
Which Species of Wood Will Produce the Most Thermal Energy When Combusted [Project]
Which passive solar collector absorbs the most heat? [Project]
Which Angle of Pitch will Produce the Greatest Amount of Electricity? [Project]
The Effect of Blade Size (Length, Area) on Electrical Output of a Windmill? [Project]
Number and Size of Blades of a Wind Turbine vs. Electrical Output [Project]
How much wind velocity do we need to generate power (light a LED)? [Project]
How Does Dam Water Height Affect the Output of a Turbine? [Project]
Does temperature affect the performance of a fuel cell? [Project]
Do different interior designs of a solar oven affect its performance? [Project]
Box solar cooker vs. funnel solar cooker [Project]
How a rifle is affected by weather. [Project]
How brakes work? [Project]
Which plane wing shape of five is the most aerodynamic. [Project]
Which plane from four designs flies the best [Project]
Physics of airplanes including a brief history of flight. [Project]
Investigate the history and physical properties of the Spruce Goose [Project]
How an FM radio works? [Project]
Laws of repulsion and attraction of magnetic poles use in levitating trains [Project]
How do loudspeakers work? [Project]
Determine whether overcrowding affects fish growth. [Project]
Research the Declination of Pacific Salmon in the Fraser River [Project]
Find the balance of nature in an aquarium [Project]
The Mountain Pine Beetle's Negative Impact on Pine Trees [Project]
The Case of the Missing Marmots [Project]
Overpopulation vs. Overconsumption [Project]

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