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Using Climate Change Modeling to Study Hypoxia and Acidification [Project]
A novel mathematical approach to predict the spread of a wildfire [Project]
An investigation into the removal of microplastics from water using ferrofluids [Project]
Smart pillbox which helps patients follow their regimen [Project]
Intelligent Nanorobotic Systems for Neurodegenerative Disease Treatment [Project]
Unlocking the Secret of Yearly Worldwide Tropical Cyclone Activity [Project]
Avian Population Recovery after Habitat Restoration using Remote Sensing and Citizen Science Data [Project]
Improving Particle Classification in Dark Matter Using Neural Networks [Project]
Human Ancestry: A computer study of 3D digital skulls. [Project]
Detecting solar system objects using blocked starlight: the case of Planet 9 [Project]
Measuring Exoplanetary Radii Using Transit Photometry [Project]
Planet formation processes through analysis of data from single and multi-exoplanetary systems [Project]
Building a State-of-the-Art Audio Classifier through Machine Learning [Project]
Making the road safer with Computer Vision Algorithms [Project]
A Novel Solution to the Illegal UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) Crisis [Project]
Analyzing Gender-Based Violence and Aggressive Behavior Through Social Media Data [Project]
Computational Linguistics Using Somatic Idioms for Tracing the Velocity of Spreading Ideas [Project]
Transparent and Flexible Energy Harvesting Device using Bi-Layer Graphene [Project]
Ensemble Machine Learning Algorithms for Satellite Remote Sensing of Water Quality [Project]
No-Sacrifice Smart Driving to Conserve Energy and Preserve our Planet [Project]
Wildlife Conservation Efforts by Using Neural Networks and Hypernetworks [Project]
Regulation of Antioxidants in Cardiovascular disease [Project]
A software solution for diagnosing malnutrition in children under the age of 5 years [Project]
How can we protect sleepwalkers at night? [Project]
Developing a Device to Predict Autistic Meltdowns [Project]
BA-ADA�based ROS-responsive nanoparticles for selective drug delivery in cancer cells [Project]
An artificial hand that senses muscles in the arm [Project]
Smart navigation for the visually impaired [Project]
Improving and consolidating existing authentication systems in schools [Project]
Using Carbon-Coated Sea Shells for the Filtration of Lead-Contaminated Water [Project]
Increasing Blast and Impact Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Buildings [Project]
Improving diagnosis and treatment for Alzheimer�s with new molecular �Trojan Horse� [Project]
Temperature-independent, inexpensive and rapid detection of Ebola [Project]
A Novel Healthcare Solution for Alzheimer's Patients [Project]
The effect of natural nitrogen depletion in algae on biofuel production [Project]
Mimicking fruit fly response patterns for threat evasion of airborne machines [Project]
Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose and Production of Cellulosic Ethanol [Project]
Research and test the placebo effect. [Project]
Managing the Impact of Infrastructure Projects on Endangered Species [Project]
Police and Ambulances Regulating Traffic Program [Project]
Improving hearing loss with tactile sound [Project]
A water purification system that cheaply and portably purifies water for third world countries [Project]
Reduce the amount of water flushed down a water closet with the same working efficiency [Project]
The effect of current and filtration on hydrogen production in seawater electrolysis [Project]
Determination of Bisphenol A (BPA) in Consumer Products in the Ottawa Region [Project]
Prosthesis with direct interface with brain using electroencephalography (EEG) [Project]
Are dandelions able to inhibit bacterial growth and have other health benefits? [Project]
The Chances of Guessing Correctly on a Multiple Choice Exam [Project]
A molecular, chemical and genetic assessment on the diversity of 16 faba bean lines. [Project]
Investigate how cell phone radio-frequency waves affect the lifespan of a cricket. [Project]
Effect of fine and coarse concrete aggregate and size on groundwater pollution [Project]
Investigate change in water temperature as a result of El Nino [Project]
What hand cleaner will do the best job to clean our hands? [Project]
Stem cells: usage, advantages and controversy [Project]
CANDU (CANada Deuterium Uranium) nuclear power generator [Project]
Canadian petroleum industry and its impact on the environment [Project]
A C# .NET FTP Application similar to a professional C++ FTP application [Project]
How could be hair used in absorbing oil spills? [Project]
The effects of microwaves on plants and human health [Project]
Which vegetable oil biodiesel is an effective substitute for diesel fuel? [Project]
The effects of urban heat islands on cities and global warming [Project]
How does saltwater mix in an estuary? [Project]
The effect of phosphate on the oxygen level in pond water [Project]
Compare methods of purifying water - boiling, chlorination, ionization [Project]
The removal of E. coli K12 from water [Project]
Effects of acid rain on the life span of pond minnows. [Project]
Multiple vs. the torque of a horizontal axis windmill. [Project]
Multiple rotors vs. electrical energy output of a horizontal axis windmill.[Project]
Ocean wave energy converted to electricity [Project]
Geothermal energy efficiency and negative effects on the environment. [Project]
Effects of temperature of a PEM fuel cell and electrolyser system [Project]
Solar powered hydrogen fuel cell [Project]
Research Ethanol Fuel [Project]
Methanogenic bacteria subjected to anaerobic conditions produces methane (biogas). [Project]
What is biofuel? [Project]
Bat Trap Efficiency [Project]
Construct a device for detecting black ice for blind people. [Project]
How the different types of gears work and what gears are used for. [Project]
The effects of the width, depth and cross-section shape of a beam on its strength [Project]
Will a structure with a crossbeam support more mass than the structure without it? [Project]
Determing if changing a sail's depth or camber would affect how well the wing went upwind. [Project]
The effect of the thrust of a rocket on the height the rocket can go [Project]
Build a directional antenna and test it in comparison to a commercial one. [Project]
Robots in everyday life [Project]
Neural network recognition of the difference between single and double colonies of bacteria [Project]
Development of an Embedded 3D Robot Visual System [Project]
Object Recognition using a scanner, web camera, etc., and a VB6 computer program [Project]
Investigate the CCD: Heart of the Digital Camera and other Optical Devices [Project]
The use different types of digital media as the cover mediums for Steganographic purposes [Project]
Patient's medical information encoded into ultrasound, CT and MRI images [Project]
Explore remarkable molecules - Buckyballs & Buckytubes. [Project]
Which is more stronger: plexiglass or glass? [Project]
Test the effectiveness of antibacterial substances on E. coli. [Project]
Determine if boiling water and the use of chlorine will kill coliforms to safe level [Project]
Determine if energy released during chemical reactions can be stored by stopping it [Project]
Test water for pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphates, coliform bacteria, iron and hardness [Project]
DNA and Genetic Engineering [Project]
The Human Genome Project (HGP): key factors and scientists involved [Project]
Research DNA replication (natural and unnatural) and repair [Project]
Analysis of soil samples for their components, ability to hold moisture, fertility and pH [Project]
Will Nepenthes (pitcher plant) extracts contain enzymes that digest insect proteins [Project]
Test the effects of salt on canola and its transgenic lines (seed germination and plant growth). [Project]
Which medium results in effective mould growth? Synthetic, semi-synthetic or natural? [Project]
Explore the deep space - stars and black holes [Project]
What is Dark Matter? [Project]
Is there life in outer space? [Project]
Does life exists on Mars? [Project]

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