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Which color paper makes water in a jar have the highest temperature under a heat lamp? [Project]
Which Fabric Drapes Best? [Project]
What Substance Cleans a Penny the Best? [Project]
Will gummy bears grow or shrink if I put them in different liquids for 48 hours? [Project]
Determine if all kinds of food waste produce the same amount of methane. [Project]
Research plankton [Project]
Determine the best way to keep your dog's teeth clean and to have a "fresh" breath. [Project]
Compare air oxygen content in the forest to that in the city. [Project]
Build a variation of a teeter-totter for one person. [Project]
Which will bounce higher? A basketball with nitrogen in it or a basketball with oxygen in it? [Project]
The effect of airplane shape, wing shape and wing size on its aerodynamics lift using a wind tunnel. [Project]
Build a crystal radio and see if it is possible to hear aliens with the radio. [Project]
Which surface of hydro power line would be best to prevent ice build up? [Project]
Make a better environmentally friendlier ice melter. [Project]
How We Perceive Our Own Voices [Project]
Think, and Change your Dreams [Project]
Compare short term memory according to gender and age. [Project]
Compare the amount of omega-3 found in supplements to the amount claimed. [Project]
Building Musical Instruments [Project]
Which roofing material is the best choice for Calgary? [Project]
Find different ways to prevent the damaging effects of soil erosion. [Project]
Does keeping your window open reduce the damage during a tornado? [Project]
Energy Consumption Efficiency of Different Kind of Light Bulbs [Project]
Does the "5 Second Rule", of picking up a piece of food from the floor, work? [Project]
How Certain Beverages Affect Tooth Decay [Project]
Determine whether the pitch of a string can be changed by changing tension or length? [Project]
Radar Detection: How To Make Airplanes Invisible [Project]
Investigate the Sprague�s Pipit [Project]
Find out whether micro-algae can produce bio-oil which can be turned into bio-diesel [Project]
Determine if turmeric can prevent the growth of bacteria which cause foodborne illnesses. [Project]
The black-tailed prairie dog [Project]
House Color Effect on the Temperature Inside The House [Project]
Why is the piping plover endangered and what can be done to help it? [Project]
Describe the biology and habitat of the swift fox. [Project]
Explore the burrowing owl [Project]
Explore the sage grouse. [Project]
Research The Loggerhead Shrike [Project]
Design and test a simple waste digester and a gas collection system. [Project]
Food vs. Fuel [Project]
The kangaroo rat and its adaptations for survival in a desert habitat [Project]
Explore where diamonds are found, how they are formed, and what they are used for. [Project]
Discovering photosynthesis: which colour of light is best for growing plants - green, red or white. [Project]
How does acid rain affect plants? [Project]
Does the amount of fertilizer given to a plant affect its growth? [Project]
The Hawaiian Islands formation and geology? [Project]
Research the Coelacanth Fish [Project]
Information about wind energy [Project]
The effects of water type and temperature on an hydrogen fuel cell efficiency [Project]
Banana Peel Biomass Briquettes Fuel Efficiency [Project]
Determine which of the following vitamins A, C, D, or E is the best antioxidant. [Project]
What is Dyslexia? [Project]
The best way to prevent bacteria from spreading after someone has sneezed. [Project]
Which disinfectants are the best at destroying germs? [Project]
Find out if bacteria enters a beverage when you drink it from a bottle. [Project]
The effect of pre-test exercise on sixth grade students' math test scores. [Project]
How did the Ancient Egyptians Mummify? [Project]
Forensic Determination of Crime Suspects by Lip Prints and Chromatography [Project]
Fingerprint Similarity Between Siblings and Non-related People [Project]
Show that biodegradable plastic breaks down faster than regular plastic. [Project]
What kind of ice melting products work the fastest and damage plant life the least. [Project]
Greenhouse Effect, Temperature Increase and Climate Change [Project]
Environmental Audit and Carbon Footprint to reduce greenhouse gas emissions [Project]
Build a waterslide and research how does it work. [Project]
Figure out if the flex of a hockey stick makes a shot faster or more accurate. [Project]
Which roofing material and color offers the best energy efficiency? [Project]
Research different ways to brake a car and recover the energy from stopping. [Project]
Methods of storing electrical energy [Project]
How does precipitation vary around the country? [Project]
What materials work best in a sandbag for blocking floodwaters? [Project]
Test whether more expensive towels can retain more water and are stronger [Project]
Determine which fabric is the best insulator. [Project]
Which planet in our solar system has the safest environment for humans to live on? [Project]
Densities of Various Solutions vs. Plastic Separation [Project]
Practices that might reduce the amount of wastes created at school [Project]
What is light pollution. [Project]
How can we save ozone layer? [Project]
What is the effect of ozone on plant growth. [Project]
The Effect of Water Salinity and Temperature on Oil Spreading Rate [Project]
Oil Absorbency of Polypropylene Pads vs. Natural Products [Project]
Which type of environment is most affected by an oil spill? [Project]
Explore Global Warming and Arctic Ice Cap Melting[Project]
Global Warming: What are Street Sponges? [Project]
How does water speed affect turbidity in a river? [Project]
Effect of Human Activity on Benthic Survey and Water Quality Parameters [Project]
Investigate the endangered salmon [Project]
Explore dolphin bycatch (caught in nets) [Project]
Farmed salmon effects on the environment and health. [Project]
Helping painted turtles [Project]
How the Marbled Murrelet is threatened in British Columbia [Project]
Explore Endangered Species [Project]
Will Global Warming affect the Piping Plover's life? [Project]
Investigate the great basin spadefoot toad [Project]
Investigate the North Atlantic Right Whale including its threatened status. [Project]
Investigate turtles and tortoises. [Project]
Why are coral reefs dying? [Project]
The Effect of Bleach on the Survival Rate of Daphnia [Project]
The Effect of Oil, Weed Killers and Salt on the Survival Rate of Daphnia [Project]
The Effect of Chlorine on the Survival Rate of Daphnia [Project]
Car exhaust effect on seedlings and germination rate [Project]
How to reduce car air pollution. [Project]
How do Vehicles Affect the pH Properties of Snow [Project]
Extracting copper from ore (biolixiviation). [Project]
Bacterial Content of Water Bottles [Project]
The effect of acid rain exposure time and pH levels on daphnia [Project]

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