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1st Grade Science Fair Projects
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Research the survival ability of tardigrades (water micro-animals with eight legs) [View Project]
Do Sock Monsters really exist? [View Project]
Which fruits rot the first? [View Project]
Test the effect of temperature and light on plant's growth. [View Project]
Find out how flowers drink water. [View Project]
Can we reduce the waste that our school produces? [View Project]
Snow, Sun and Sky in Saskatoon [View Project]
What causes the big breaks and cracks (faults) in our Earth? [View Project]
Which plants survive the longest period of time without water? [View Project]
Do Plants Drink? [View Project]
Growing all year Long with grade one - grass, tulips and amaryllis. [View Project]
What will happen to our pumpkin seeds when we plant them? [View Project]

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