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8th Grade Plant Biology Science Fair Projects
Free Project Examples by Grade Level

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Unique Simplified Hydroponic For Swaziland Poor Subsistence Farmers [View Project]
Vertical Multi-Level Farming to Increase Crop Yield [View Project]
Which condition has a greater affect on the ripening of bananas? [View Project]
Do plants in a natural sewage treatment system absorb phosphates and nitrates? [View Project]
Impacts of Acid Rain on Crops [View Project]
Do plants grow faster or slower in soil without microorganisms? [View Project]
The Effects of Antioxidants and Free Radicals on Seed Germination [View Project]
Investigate The Venus Fly Trap - a carnivorous plant that eats insects [View Project]
How to decrease pesticide use and runoff [View Project]
The Effects of Potash Tailings on the Growth of Barley and Flax [View Project]
Find out which kind of flower will last the longest in fertilized and non-fertilized water. [View Project]
How do diatom reproduction react to variable amounts of light? [View Project]
Will stem rot disease lower the pH level of plants? [View Project]

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