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Endangered Species
Investigate the Sprague�s Pipit [Project]
The black-tailed prairie dog [Project]
Why is the piping plover endangered and what can be done to help it? [Project]
Describe the biology and habitat of the swift fox. [Project]
Explore the burrowing owl [Project]
Explore the sage grouse. [Project]
Research The Loggerhead Shrike [Project]
The kangaroo rat and its adaptations for survival in a desert habitat [Project]

The effect of water depth on wave speed and energy generated [Project]
Find out whether micro-algae can produce bio-oil which can be turned into bio-diesel [Project]
House Color Effect on the Temperature Inside The House [Project]
Food vs. Fuel [Project]

What types of garbage items break down in the soil better than others? [Project]
Design and test a simple waste digester and a gas collection system. [Project]
How does acid rain affect plants? [Project]

Discovering photosynthesis: which colour of light is best for growing plants - green, red or white. [Project]
Does the amount of fertilizer given to a plant affect its growth? [Project]

Which food would mold first? [Project]
Determine if turmeric can prevent the growth of bacteria which cause foodborne illnesses. [Project]

Will gummy bears grow or shrink if I put them in different liquids for 48 hours? [Project]
What type of cup is better for keeping hot drinks? [Project]
Explore where diamonds are found, how they are formed, and what they are used for. [Project]

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