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The effect of natural nitrogen depletion in algae on biofuel production [Project]
Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose and Production of Cellulosic Ethanol [Project]
Banana Peel Biomass Briquettes Fuel Efficiency [Project]
Which Species of Wood Will Produce the Most Thermal Energy When Combusted [Project]
Which passive solar collector absorbs the most heat? [Project]
Which Angle of Pitch will Produce the Greatest Amount of Electricity? [Project]
The Effect of Blade Size (Length, Area) on Electrical Output of a Windmill? [Project]
Number and Size of Blades of a Wind Turbine vs. Electrical Output [Project]
How much wind velocity do we need to generate power (light a LED)? [Project]
How Does Dam Water Height Affect the Output of a Turbine? [Project]
Does temperature affect the performance of a fuel cell? [Project]
Do different interior designs of a solar oven affect its performance? [Project]
Box solar cooker vs. funnel solar cooker [Project]
Research gasoline and Diesel engines. [Project]
Comparing Wood Pellets for Heat Output and Burn Time [Project]
Blade Separation and Wind Speed on a Savonius Rotor Windmill [Project]
The Effect of Various Wind Speeds and Blade Factors on Energy / Voltage Output [Project]
Temperature effects on the energy developed by a solar panel [Project]
Effects of Angle of Solar Cells Towards the Sun on Electrical Power Generated [Project]
Will the use of lenses improve the efficiency of a solar panel? [Project]

Comparing the effect of electrical load on a fuel cell and rechargeable batteries [Project]
Does temperature affect the performance of a fuel cell? [Project]
How does ethanol as a fuel compare to today’s conventional fuels? [Project]
Heat Output of Diesel, Kerosene and Biodiesel in Smudge Pots [Project]
Build a solar toy car and explain its operation. [Project]
Effect of blades, pitch and design on the electricity produced by a Darrieus wind turbine. [Project]
Solar water heater based on the heating system of the polar bear's [Project]
Effect of the number of solar panels on the speed of a solar maglev train. [Project]
Compare the energy efficiency of biofuels and fossil fuels. [Project]
Fenestration Heat Loss & Passive Solar Gain [Project]
Are compact fluorescent lamps as energy efficient as marketed? [Project]
Effects of fossil and alternative fuels on the ozone layer [Project]
Which Type of Wood, Hardwood or Softwood, Will Burn Fastest? [Project]
Solar Energy: Is It worth It? [Project]
Electrical output of a solar panel in different weather conditions. [Project]
Build a basic fuel cell using salt water, batteries, and a platinum wire. [Project]
Hydrogen transportation [Project]
Direct Hydrogen Fuel Cells [Project]
Improvement of jatropha oil properties [Project]
Can a farmer reduce his input costs by growing his own fuel? [Project]
What is biodiesel? [Project]
Why we need hydrogen cars? [Project]

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