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Award Winning Engineering Science Fair Projects
Free Project Examples by Grade Level

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Award Winning Science Fair Project Examples

Research roller coaster physics [View Project]
Free Energy: The Science of Perpetual Motion Machines [View Project]
An Automated Cereal Dispenser for Disabled People [View Project]
Controlling Food Intake Speed with Electronic Circuitry [View Project]
Effect of blades, pitch and design on the electricity produced by a Darrieus wind turbine. [View Project]
The use of multi-frequency acoustics to improve production in oil and gas wells [View Project]
Tennis Court Surface Impact on Knee Injuries [View Project]
Investigation of Absorbing Impact Forces in a Hockey Helmet [View Project]
Fenestration Heat Loss & Passive Solar Gain [View Project]
Which roofing material and color offers the best energy efficiency? [View Project]
Research different ways to brake a car and recover the energy from stopping. [View Project]
Generate electricity from car shock absorbers. [View Project]
Construct a device for detecting black ice for blind people. [View Project]
Which building design will best withstand an earthquake? [View Project]
Improving Binocular Vision in Stereopsis Impairment Using Optical Devices [View Project]
Will a structure with a crossbeam support more mass than the structure without it? [View Project]
Is the pyramid the strongest 3D geometric structure? [View Project]
Which common materials will be most effective at soundproofing? [View Project]
Box solar cooker vs. funnel solar cooker [View Project]
What is the Effect of Magnification on Heat in a Solar Oven? [View Project]

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