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Make a better environmentally friendlier ice melter. [Project]
The Effect of Candle Wax Hardness on the Burning Time of a Candle [Project]
Type of liquid (pH) and limestone erosion. [Project]
Everything about arsenic [Project]
Investigate natural poisons and venoms related to plants and animals. [Project]
The Oil Industry [Project]
Is there any difference between white egg shells and brown? [Project]
Which carpet cleaner will remove tough stains the best? [Project]
Which stain remover removes stains the best? [Project]
Effectiveness of Non-Alcohol Versus Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer [Project]
Which substance will burn the fastest? [Project]
Record the acidity (pH level) of different fruit juices. [Project]
What affects mild steel more, acids (vinegar) or bases (ammonia)? [Project]

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