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Averrhoa Bilimbi - A Natural Coagulant For Rubber Latex [Project]
The effect of current and filtration on hydrogen production in seawater electrolysis [Project]
Best methods for graffiti removal [Project]
Which temperature will grow the largest and purest crystals when different impurities are added? [Project]
Determination of Bisphenol A (BPA) in Consumer Products in the Ottawa Region [Project]
Create an efficient cold pack using water and different types of fertilizer. [Project]
Explore where diamonds are found, how they are formed, and what they are used for. [Project]
Salt solution concentration effects on the speed of a Hot Wheels™ Formula Fuelers racer [Project]
Which is more stronger: plexiglass or glass? [Project]
Find out which liquid evaporates the fastest. [Project]
How does fabric softener affect the flammability of different fabrics? [Project]
The dependence of current on the concentration of sodium chloride in the electrolyte [Project]
The effect of moisture on crystal growth [Project]
Discover if sugar crystals grow bigger in a certain type of liquid [Project]
Test the effectiveness of antibacterial substances on E. coli. [Project]
Show that soybean chemiluminescence levels can be altered by an oxidizing agent [Project]
Test if adding ash to paint will enhance its fire-extinguishing characteristics [Project]
Test water for pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphates, coliform bacteria, iron and hardness [Project]

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Award Winning Science Fair Projects by Grade Level

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