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Astronomy science fair project:
Demonstrate what happens when a meteor hits the earth and becomes a meteorite

Science Fair Project Information
Title: Demonstrate what happens when a meteor hits the earth and becomes a meteorite.
Subject: Astronomy
Grade level: Elementary school - grades 4-6
Project Type: Descriptive
Cost: Low
Awards: 2nd Place (Canada Wide Virtual Science Fair)
Affiliation: Canada Wide Virtual Science Fair
Link: http://www.virtualsciencefair.org/2006/jauc6s2/
Short Background

Meteoroid vs Asteroid vs Meteorite vs Meteor

Meteoroid: A small rocky or metallic object in orbit around the Sun (or another star). A meteoroid which strikes the Earth (or other large body) is called a meteorite.

Asteroid: A rocky or metallic object, smaller than a planet but bigger than a meteoroid, that orbits the Sun or another star; also known as a minor planet.

Meteorite: A solid portion of a meteoroid that survives its fall to Earth, or to some other body.

Meteor: The light phenomenon, known popularly as a shooting star or falling star, that results from the entry into Earth’s atmosphere of a solid particle, or meteoroid, from space.

- The Worlds of David Darling

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