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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
P=Project   E=Experiment
Which different amounts of animals (snails) and plants (aquarium plants) supports life the longest [P]
The Declination of Pacific Salmon in the Fraser River [P]
Determine whether overcrowding affects fish growth. [P]
Do fish, snails and aquarium plants need each other? [E] [E]
Aquatic Life Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
What population density would maximize the growth of juvenile Horseshoe Crabs. [E]
Determine the energetic cost for the Southern Sea Otter foraging in Moss Landing Harbor channel, a location with increased boat disturbance. [E]
Territorial Relationships and Social Interactions of Migratory and Resident Duck Species [E]
Adelie penguins: positive and negative human actions that influence Adelies’ long-term survival. [P]
Fish Count: Rebreather vs. Open Circuit Scuba [E]
How Frog Health Predicts Pond Health [E]
How Does Seasonal Change Affect Respiration Parameters for Rainbow Trout (Oncorhyncus mykiss) Living in Shallow Urban Lakes? [E]
Aquatic herbicides: test if the use of copper sulfate could cause unwanted biological harm to non-target organisms. [E]
Study the effects of sodium nitrate on the growth rate of microalgae (nannochloropsis). [E]
The Effects of Physical and Biological Factors on Limpet Densities [E]
Comparing Different Fish Species as Natural Predators in Controlling Mosquito Larvae Population [E]
Determine how plants affect the water quality of a goldfish tank. [E]
Trapezoidal Channels vs. Natural Creeks Effects on Habitat [E]
Aquatic Life Science Fair Projects & Experiments
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
Optimizing environmental DNA detection methods while analyzing the presence of river otters in the Northeast [P]
Hydra Regeneration as Affected by Various Symbiotic Algae [E]
Description of a New Species of Spurilla (a Sea Slug) in the Caribbean with a Proposed Mechanism of Speciation [E]
A Predictive Simulation-Analysis of San Lorenzo River Fish (Salmonids) Populations [E]
Eliminating coral-eating nudibranchs with potassium permanganate. [P]
Compare the abundance of mollusk populations as a measure to indicate environmental change. [E]
How Does the Amount of Acanthocephalan Parasites Affect the Swimming and Burrowing Times of the Pacific Mole Crab? [E]
Population Dynamics of the Olympia oyster, Ostrea conchaphila, in Richardson Bay, CAR [E]
Determine if the Santa Ana River is suitable for the Santa Ana Sucker fish based on the dissolved oxygen content, pH, and temperature compared to the controlled artificial stream. [E]
How to minimize the number of cattails in a cattail-clogged marsh/oxbow lake so that an endangered species may be introduced. [E]
The Effect of Location on the Population Distribution and Size of the Olympia Oyster (Ostrea conchaphila). [E]
Estimating the Population of Crayfish using the Tag and Recapture Method [E]
Determine physical and behavioral differences between parasite infected and uninfected crabs. [E]
Predicting the mating sites of grunion based on sand grain size [E]
Determine if ghost shrimp show a preference for a particular substrate surface under artificial conditions. [E]
Determine if there is a relationship between location of horn snails in regards to size distribution and parasitic prevalence. [E]
Aquatic Life Science Fair Projects & Experiments
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