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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
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Middle School - Grades 7-9
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Post-fire Regeneration in Coastal Sage Scrub [E]
New Growth in Coastal Sage Scrub Habitat: Comparing Burned vs. Unburned Areas [E]
Preventing post fire mud slides [E]
The Regrowth of Invasive Plants in Comparison to Native Plants in a Coastal Sage Scrub Habitat after a Brush Fire [E]
The Effect of Ashes on Seed Viability and an Epigeic Worm's Mortality [E]
Find out how light of different wavelengths penetrates smoke. [E]
Determine if fire affects the germination of certain species of plants. [E]
The Effect of Fire on Chaparral Seed Germination [E]
How Does Cigarette Smoke Affect Crickets' chirping? [E]
Determine if wildland fire would cause invasive species to flourish during the first few years after the fire due to the lack of competition and an abundance of nutrients, though over time the burned areas would return to their original state, with native plants taking over and replacing non-natives. [E] [E]
Test the effects of fire on the mineral content of soil. [E]
Find a natural non-toxic material - mineral lime, ash, cinnamon, bay leaves, eucalyptus leaves, sand, and human hair - that can repel snails without killing them. [E]
What Is the Effect of Smoke Inhalation on the Stability of a Spider's Web? [E]
Find out if smoke from burning chamise, eucalyptus, willow, or paper causes the seeds of Phacelia grandiflora seeds to germinate faster. [E]
Which soil amendment, wood ash, coffee grounds, or leaves, best enhances the development of pea and radish plants? [E]
Fire (Interdisciplinary Topic) Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Smoke & Smoking (Interdisciplinary Topic) Science Fair Projects & Experiments

High School - Grades 10-12
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Effects of Short Fire Return Intervals on Chaparral Ecosystems [E]
Multivariable Early-Warning System for Low-Cost Prevention of Wildfire Proliferation [E]
The relationship between global warming and the emissions of carbon dioxide gas by forest fires. [P]
The effect of wildfire ash on the environment [E]
Show that it is possible to establish a flammability rating system by determining each shrub's ignitability, consumability, combustibility, & sustainability. [E]
The role of fire in park ecosystems [E]
Fire (Interdisciplinary Topic) Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Smoke & Smoking (Interdisciplinary Topic) Science Fair Projects & Experiments
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