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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
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Study the allelopathic effect of black walnut trees on tomato plants. [E]
Which different amounts of animals (snails) and plants (aquarium plants) supports life the longest (balance of nature) [P]
Exploring the relationship between Lesser Dawn Bats (Eonycteris spelaea) and durian fruits [P]
Find out whether overcrowding affects plant growth. [E] [E]
Fire Ecology Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Middle School - Grades 7-9
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Effects of Quercus engelmannii (Engelmann Oak) on Native vs. Invasive Plant Species [E]
Do Cool Temperatures Impact the Parasitism Rate of Psyttalia humilis (parasitoid wasp)? [E]
A Study of the Effect of Flower Variants on a Plant's Ability to Attract Butterflies [E]
Determine the effect of the use of Roundup® on the growth of genetically modified plants that are competing with weeds for food and light. [E]
Compare growth characteristics of the coastal sage scrub during consecutive dry and wet years. [E]
Determine if plants native to the High Desert will consume less water than non-native plants. [E]

The correlation of the flowering population of one plant species to the population of one family of butterflies. [E]
Discover if oil in Purple Sage leaves is allelopathic and whether it inhibits the germination of the California Poppy or Fennel the most drastically. [E]
The Effect of Mycorrhizae on the Growth Rate of Redwood Tree Seedlings [E]
Identifying closely related pampas grass species in order to eradicate unwanted species. [E]
Saving Coastal Sage: Methods of Eradicating Invasive Fennel [E]
Are Areas with Native Trees More Biologically Diverse than Areas with Non-native Trees? [E]
Study the effects of sodium nitrate on the growth rate of microalgae (nannochloropsis). [E]
Determine how far plants should be grown from sunflowers in order for them to be safe from the sunflowers' allelopathic toxins. [E]
Factors Affecting Germination of Native and Non-native Plants in the Sierra Nevada [E]
Study the occurrence of native and introduced species in various aged redwood forests in Humboldt County. [E]
Find out the effect of acid rain on native and non-native plants. [E]
Can the geographic location of local live oak trees be found by the varying degree of travel of chlorphyll in paper chromatography strips, from sample trees from those areas. [E]
Determine how plants affect the water quality of a goldfish tank. [E]
A Study on Regrowth of Native and Non-native Plants [E]
Test if there is higher mortality of Pinyon Pines on steeper slopes and on hotter slopes (south aspect) during the last drought. [E]
Determine the effects of Rhizobium bacteria on the formation of nodules on legumes. [E]
Survey what students know and feel about deforestation? [E]
What happens when a plant population is too dense? [E]
How Does the Coloring and Sweetness of a Flower Affect Bee Visitation? [E]
Fire Ecology Science Fair Projects & Experiments

High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
The Role of Physiological Traits in the Restoration of the Coastal Sage Scrub Community [E]
How the size of an investigated area of land affects the evidence of habitat filtering and competitive exclusion. [E]
Effects of Dilution on Carnivorous Pitcher Plant Digestive Enzyme Concentration [E]
The effects of tree isolation on the genetic diversity and seed production of Camden White Gum [E]
Ecological Risk Assessment of Transgenic Virus-Resistant White Clover [E]
The Hornwort Genus Megaceros: The Australian Connection [E]
Impact of Privet and Olive on the regeneration of Cumberland Plain Woodland Species [E]
Patterns of Weed Invasion in Subalpine Vegetation and the Role of Trifolium repens (White Clover) [E]
An assessment of the fungal specificity of the orchid sub-tribe Pterostylis [E]
Helping Pinus ponderosa Fight Dendroctonus brevicomis and Dendroctonus ponderosae by demonstrating that healthy trees is the best friendly strategy. [E]
Field and GPS mapping of non-native smooth brome and creeping thistle over a three-year period documented the invasive nature of these alien plant species in a natural area park in northwest Calgary, Alberta. [P]
Determine the relative inhibitory plant growth effects of allelochemicals from foreign plants on a variety of plants native to the Santa Cruz County. [E]
How Habitat Fragmentation Affects Arthropod Diversity [E]
E. coli Promotion of Photosynthesis in Chloroplast: How Bacteria Benefit Farm Production [E]
Determine preventative measures to urban trees destroying nearby sidewalk via root growth. [E]
How to minimize the number of cattails in a cattail-clogged marsh/oxbow lake so that an endangered species may be introduced. [E]
The Effects of Mutualistic and Parasitic Fungus on Plant Growth and Their Soil [E]
Effects of Metabolites Produced by Cladosporium species on Bean and Lettuce Plants [E]
Allelopathic influence - the effect of one plant species on another [E]
Natural Reintroduction of Valley Live Oaks in an Abandoned Walnut Orchard in a Major Urban Park [E]
Mapping of your environment for flora. [P]
Fire Ecology Science Fair Projects & Experiments
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