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Design and build an LED traffic glove with red and green LEDs for stop and go signals. [E]
Design and build your own infinity mirror. [E]
A novel colorimeter constructed from brightness-controlled LEDs, phototransistors, and a microcontroller that interfaces with a computer. [P]
Harvesting the Excess Thermal Energy Produced by Light Emitting Diodes to Generate Electricity [E]
Use an electronic photosensor to verify that the inverse square law applies to light. [E]
Determine the best position of a parabolic reflector for sending and receiving signals with light (using a LED). [E]
Build a simple electronic device to measure light scattering in liquids, and use it to measure the effect of protease activity. [E]
How Does the Spectrum of an Ionized Gas Affect the Amount of Electric Current that a Silicon Photodiode Produces? [E]
Does CD-R optical media degrade in fluorescent light under constant temperature and humidity? [E]
Multi-Touch Table: An Infrared-Based Touch Interface Designed for Collaborative Data Manipulation [E]

Build a simple dimmer switch and investigate the relationship between resistance in the circuit and the amount of light produced. [E]
Basic laser science projects: measurement of small angles; build a laser range finder [E]
Intermediate laser science projects: Laser based display of sound and resonance; build a laser spirograph [E]
Demonstrate of the principals of bar code scanning by using lasers [E]
Build Your Own Dimmer [E]
Build an Alertness Monitoring Device Based on Infrared Light [E]
Build your own LED water conductivity meter - conductivity as a water quality measurement [E]
Build and demonstrate a nitrogen laser. [E] [E] [E] [E] [E] [E]
Railway Signals/Traffic Lights [C] [C] [C]
Creating an Acoustic Guitar Pickup Using Optical Components [E] [E]
Build a LED Radiometer [E]

Build a Solar Flasher [C]
What Is the Effect of Sunspots on Radio Reception? [E]
Build an Audio Light Modulator / Colored Organ (1 bulb) [C]
Build an Audio Light Modulator / Colored Organ (2 bulbs) [C]
Build an Audio Light Modulator (picks up sound from built in microphone) [C]
Build a Dome light dimmer for Cars [C]
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Heinrich Hertz: Radio Waves
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Bell: Telephone Invention
The Invention of the Transistor
Konrad Zuse: Relay Computer
The Oil-Drop Experiment

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