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Measuring Cell Phone Radiation [E]
Build a soda bottle magnetometer to monitor changes in the Earth's magnetic field for signs of magnetic storms [E]
Build an electromagnetic field detector. [C]
Build a magnetic proximity sensor [C]
A Software Simulator for Wireless Sensor Network Applications [E] [E]
Build Your Own Super-sensitive Electric Field Detector [E]
Will the more charge gained through more comb strokes, the further away it will be detected and will a longer antenna increase the detector's sensitivity? [E]
Build Your Own Super-sensitive Electric Field Detector [E]
Build a sensor for measuring magnetic field strength and to use it for measuring the strength of different types of magnets. [E]

Build Your Own Marx Generator [E]
Marx Bank Driven Flash X-ray Generator: A Powerful Tool to Study High Speed Phenomena [E] [E]
Build an electronic Electroscope [E] [E]
Using Capacitance to Distinguish between Living and Dead Cells [E]
Build a Simple Lie Detector [E]
A square wave test signal generator for testing electronic projects [E]
Build and investigate an Ion Detector [C] [E] [E] [E] [E]
Build and investigate a Geiger counter [E]
Build a sensitive charge detector [E]
Build a cloud charge monitor [E]
Build a moving charge sensor [E]
Build a LED Radiometer [E]
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Sensors, Test & Measurement
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Electronics Discoveries and Inventions
Heinrich Hertz: Radio Waves
Guglielmo Marconi: Radio
Radio and Wireless Patents
Bell: Telephone Invention
The Invention of the Transistor
Konrad Zuse: Relay Computer
The Oil-Drop Experiment

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