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A small, eco-friendly, energy alternative to lessen the use of fossil fuels (10-12) [P]
Quantum Dot Energy Harvesters for Powering Implantable Medical Devices (10-12) [P]
WateRenew, will have wave wings to harness energy, and a cutting-edge desalination plant to generate drinking water from the ocean (4-6). [P]
Convert the mechanical energy of our walking into electricity (4-6) [P]
Uses sound and movement to create electricity (4-6). [P]
Extract bio-ethanol from algae, specifically blue-green algae, without actually killing it (7-9). [P]
The Inductive Charging Unit On The Go (7-9). [P]
Welcome to the Future of Household Energy Efficiency. (10-12) [P]
(EEV - Energy Efficient Vehicles) that incorporates wind power as well as innovative natural gas to improve energy efficiency (10-12). [P]
Solar and Wind Power applied by airplanes (10-12). [P]
This turbine, which has multiple sets of blades stacked vertically, will generate more power than earlier designs of wind turbines because the same amount of wind will cause more blades to rotate, thus producing more usable energy. [P]
A window in which the tint can be adjusted to help save money and use less energy to regulate the temperature in office buildings, and even homes [P]
A machine that captures the energy from the waves and currents underneath the water and convert it into electricty [P]

A device that turns garbadge and biomass into usuable energy [P]
A system that would have one slot for garbage and one for recyclables; it breaks down the waste, converts it into steam, and pipes takes it in the house for energy. [P]
Renewable energy from super algae for global communities [P]
A wind turbine that produces energy while driving or biking [P]
CTRIC Pathways uses wireless electricity and alternate recyclable sources of energy to power automobiles. [P]
A third generation fusion reactor on the moon can produce clean energy from Helium-3 that could be beamed back to the earth. [P]
Wavemaster relies on Faraday's principle of electric induction by harnessing energy in ocean waves and converting it to useable electricity. [P]
The Four-Way Catalytic Converter transforms CO2 emissions from cars into electrical energy. [P]
CHIRP: Circuit for Enhanced In-Vivo Regulated Bioplastics Production reduces environmental pollution and energy shortages. [P]
Passenger Tire Waste Heat Recovery System employs nanotechnologies to recycle heat energy lost from automobile tire deformation. [P]
Atomic Fire Boots convert electrical energy to heat in order to automatically keep feet warm in cold weather. [P]
EPH - Energy Producing Highway [P]
Flying with the Sun: A hybrid airplane that will use solar energy [P]
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