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How We Perceive Our Own Voices [Project]
Compare short term memory according to gender and age. [Project]
Compare the amount of omega-3 found in supplements to the amount claimed. [Project]
Does the "5 Second Rule", of picking up a piece of food from the floor, work? [Project]
How Certain Beverages Affect Tooth Decay [Project]
Determine if turmeric can prevent the growth of bacteria which cause foodborne illnesses. [Project]
Determine which of the following vitamins A, C, D, or E is the best antioxidant. [Project]
What is Dyslexia? [Project]
The best way to prevent bacteria from spreading after someone has sneezed. [Project]
Which disinfectants are the best at destroying germs? [Project]
Find out if bacteria enters a beverage when you drink it from a bottle. [Project]
Bacterial Content of Water Bottles [Project]
Find out how sterile a doctor's office really is. [Project]
On what fruits will penicillium mold grow? [Project]
Do different kinds of bread mold at different speeds? [Project]
Effectiveness of Non-Alcohol Versus Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer [Project]

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