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Botany science fair project:
What side of a plant leaf takes in carbon dioxide? (what is stomata?)

Science Fair Project Information
Title: What side of a plant leaf takes in carbon dioxide? (what is stomata?)
Subject: Botany
Grade level: Primary School / Kindergarten - Grades K-3
Project Type: Experimental
Cost: Low
Awards: None
Affiliation: Timber Ridge Virtual Science Fair
Link: http://www.collaboratory.nunet.net/timber/2ndgradescifair1.htm
Short Background

In botany, a stoma (also stomate; plural stomata) is a tiny opening or pore that is used for gas exchange.

Air containing carbon dioxide and oxygen enters the plant through these openings where it is used in photosynthesis and respiration. Waste oxygen produced by photosynthesis exits through these same openings. Also, water vapor gets into the atmosphere through these pores in a process called transpiration.

The pore is formed by a pair of specialized cells known as guard cells which are responsible for regulating the size of the opening and found mostly on the under-surface(epidermis) of a plant leaf.

See also: Stomata Experiments & Background Information

Source: Wikipedia (All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License)

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