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    Ion Channels
    Experiments, Labs, Articles, Studies and Background Information

    Ion Channel Experiments and Studies

      Background Information

    • Ion channels for beginners [View Experiment]
    • Ion channel - Wikipedia [View Experiment]
    • Voltage-gated ion channel [View Experiment]
    • Ligand-gated ion channel [View Experiment]
    • Electrophysiology [View Experiment]
    • Understanding Ion Channel Currents in Terms of Mechanisms [View Experiment]

      K-12 Experiments, Labs, Lesson Plans and Science Fair Projects

    • A Study on the Molecular Evolution of Voltage-Sensitive Ion Channel Gene [View Experiment]
    • Ion Channel Composition of Human Mesothelioma Cells [View Experiment]

      Studies, Research Projects, Articles and Undergraduate Experiments

    • Modeling the sodium ion channel and its effects on neural signaling [View Experiment]
    • The physical basis of ion channel kinetics: the importance of dynamics [View Experiment]
    • Methods for study of ion channels [View Experiment]
    • FLIPR™ Assays to Measure GPCR and Ion Channel Targets [View Experiment]
    • Experiments Reveal New Details of the Architecture of Ion Channels [View Experiment]
    • High Quality Ion Channel Analysis on a Chip with the NPC© Technology [View Experiment]
    • Patching transiently transfected ion channels on an automated electrophysiology system [View Experiment]
    • Cell types & ion channels [View Experiment]
    • The IonFlux System delivers a high throughput solution for ion channel drug discovery and research. [View Experiment]
    • Adaptive Learning Algorithms for Nernst Potential and I-V Curves in Nerve Cell Membrane Ion Channels modelled as Hidden Markov Models [View Experiment]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Investigations of Ion Channels with Computational Simulations and Biochemical Experiments [View Experiment]
    • Ion binding and transport by synthetic molecular assemblies [View Experiment]
    • Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Ion Channels [View Experiment]
    • The role of ion channels in the activation. Of certain cellular functions [View Experiment]
    • High-throughput profiling of ion channel activity in Lymphocytes for quantifying activity of human Autoimmune disease [View Experiment]

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